Masterclasses: 22 March 2017

Conferences & Expo: 23 - 24 March 2017

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




DAY ONE – Thursday 23 March 2017


08.30 | Registration




8:50 | Welcome and Opening Remarks
Jenny Luca,  eLearning Leader, Wesley College (VIC)


9:00 |  Educating the Whole Child: The Role of the Arts, Nature and Place-Based Learning

  • Explore global trends and challenges in contemporary education
  • Experience the leading edge of innovation in schools
  • Effectively respond to student, community and global need
Dr. Milton Chen, Senior Fellow & Exec. Dir., Emeritus, The George Lucas Educational Foundation (USA)


9:30 |  Enterprise Skills: The New Work Order

  • Identify the entrepreneurial skills required by today’s youth and workforce
  • Immerse yourself in leading research and insights into the changing enterprise
  • Adapt and respond in the face of rapid technological and workplace change
Jan Owen AM , CEO, Foundation for Young Australians


10:00 |  Learning Environments: Optimising Places and Spaces for Learning

  • Hear the "Language of School Design" from the world authority on learning spaces
  • Adapt your learning environments in today’s context
  • Access a greater range of learning modalities in your school
Prakash Nair , Founding President, Fielding Nair International


10:30 | Morning tea and Exhibition viewing




11.20 | Welcome and Opening Remarks by the Young Learners Conference Chair – Day 1


Sarah Asome,  Learning and Curriculum Support Leader,  Bentleigh West Primary School


11:30 |  Bringing the Magic back into Science : A sustainable model for driving learning passion

  • Inculcating the love of science through a consistent, positive and engaging teaching model
  • Engaging learners through empowerment, and tapping into their prior knowledge
  • Creating excitement for the next step in science education

Rebecca Johnson, Primary Teacher & Author, Windaroo State School
2015 Winner of the Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching
2014 Whitley Award for Best Educational Series
2014 Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature


11:50 |  Adopting a Neurodevelopmental approach to Learning

  • Understanding the implications of primitive reflex retention on student learning and wellbeing
  • Strategies to integrate the reflexes
  • Supporting physical development to promote advances in learning, attention, beahviour and coordination
Clare Crew, Early Childhood Educator, Thriving Children


12:10 |  Empowering and Inspiring learners through student initiated investigations

  • Ingrain the learning passion by tapping into the students’ curiosity and imagination
  • Increase engagement and impact by guiding learners to find answers through ‘fair testing’ and experimental controls
  • Fulfilling cross-curricular priorities including sustainability, engagement with Asia and indigenous perspectives
  • Catering for speakers of other languages such as Japanese in Science
Brian Schiller, Primary teacher, Seacliff Primary School
2014 Winner of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching


12:30 |  Panel Discussion: Engaging Children in STEM Education Early

  • Getting the foundation right
  • Building confidence and tapping into curiosity
  • Creating opportunities for play and investigative learning
  • Strategies to make STEM a priority

Panel Chair:

Sarah Asome,  Learning and Curriculum Support Leader,  Bentleigh West Primary School


Rebecca Johnson, Science teacher and author, Windaroo State School
Brian Schiller, Primary teacher, Seacliff Primary School
Jason Meijboom, Deputy Principal, Hilliard State School

12:50 | Lunch and Exhibition viewing



During the breakout session delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend one of three workshops OR three Roundtable Discussions. Roundtables are small group discussions focused on a particular topic and directed by a central table host who guides the conversation and facilitates questions and answers from participants. Roundtables run in three rotations of 30 minutes each. Delegates pre-select breakout sessions ahead of the event so they cover the issues and topics that matter most to them.





16:05 | Afternoon Tea and Exhibition viewing



16:45 |  Welcome back by Conference Chair


16:50 |  Enabling and Unveiling STEM innovation: Tech Schools Victoria

  • Learn how the Vic Government’s $128M Tech Schools initiative is lifting learning
  • Hear how Tech Schools are responding to the changing economy
  • See where early exposure to Tech and Engineering can take students
Marita Chen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 2Mar Robotics


17:10 |  Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities: a fresh perspective on Australian school education

  • New AITSL CEO, Lisa Rodgers, shares her observations on the strengths of Australian schools, systems and sectors
  • Lisa shares her views on the challenges to be met and opportunities to be seized to improve student outcomes
Lisa Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)  


17:30 | End of Conference Day One

17:35 | Networking Drinks in Exhibition Hall


DAY TWO – Friday 24 March 2017


08.50 | Welcome and Opening Remarks by the Future Leaders Conference Chair – Day 2

Sarah Asome , Learning and Curriculum Support Leader, Bentleigh West Primary School



9:00 |  Providing a flying start in life through student wellbeing and effective learning

  • Turning the tables for students from an area of high socio-economic disadvantage
  • ‘Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be a Friend and Be Safe’ - a foundation for success
  • Leveraging on data, analysis, personalised development and close knit community

Leanne Edwards, Principal, Bass Valley Primary School
2015 winner of the Victorian Outstanding Primary
Principal Award


9:20 |  Unlocking the mystery of literacy for all- Getting it right from the start

  • Developing phonemic and phonological awareness
  • Supporting novice readers and spellers with effective research based instruction
  • Early identification and early intervention for reading difficulties

Sarah Asome, Learning and Curriculum Support Leader, Bentleigh West Primary School 2015
Victorian Education Excellence Outstanding Primary Teacher Award


9:40 |  Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) for Young Learners

  • Integrate content with the explicit teaching of languages
  • Address the ‘crowded curriculum’ and engage learners
  • Consider key factors for ensuring successful implementation of CLIL in schools

Kylie Farmer, Immediate Past President, Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers' Associations (AFMLTA) and Languages Education Consultant


10:00 |  Reigniting languages learning in preschools through the ELLA (Early Learning Languages Australia) apps

  • Provide skills for a global community and the Asian Century
  • Build a strong foundation for language learning throughout the school years
  • Strengthen intercultural sensitivity early through languages experiences

Dr Anne-Marie Morgan , Deputy Head, School of Education, University of New England & President, Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association (AFMLTA)


10:25 |  Teaching Young Learners to code

  • Visual blocks to teach computational thinking
  • Using programming to support social learning
  • Keeping learning as the focus

Erin McNamara , Classroom Teacher, Prep Leader & Teaching and Learning Coach, Aitken Creek Primary School


10:45 | Morning tea and Exhibition viewing




11:30 |  Teaching the iGen - Unlocking the potential of digitalised childhoods

  • Profound impact of digital immersion on children's physical development, health, wellbeing and learning
  • Redefining the role and approach of educators to keep up with technology
Dr Kristy Goodwin, Author and Thought Leader


11:50 | Inspiring Young Minds with Digital Technologies - a Practical Approach

  • Creating an intersection between ACARA and Digital Technologies
  • Leveraging on mobile devices to support learning in the Early Years
  • Providing Coding, Programming and Robotics opportunities for young learners
  • Tapping into iPad apps that support coding, programming and robotics
Jason Meijboom, Deputy Principal, Hilliard State School


12:10 |  Power of Narratives - Using iPads for meaningful, exciting and engaging cross-curricula learning

  • Increasing engagement through movie-making, providing opportunities for team work, collaboration and student reflection.
  • Designing quality learning that is student centred, sustainable and purposeful.
  • Linking content with the local industry
Catherine Ford, Primary school teacher, Cummins Area School
Winner 2015 South Australian Excellence in Public Education award


12:40 | Lunch and Exhibition viewing




14:15 | Welcome back by Conference Chair


14:20 |  Cultivating Entrepreneurship in Presc

  • Providing skills to make students successful in life
  • Creating a space that encourage curiosity, passion, initiative, determination, courage, creativity and optimism
  • Tapping into learning opportunities with community as the classroom
Megan Iemma, Educator and Digital Coach, Tech Coach HQ


14:40 |  Designing Learning Environments for Early Childhood Development in the Digital Age

  • Best practices for designing learning environments with a digital focus
  • How to establish and deliver of digital playgroups
  • Role of early childhood professionals and teachers have in fostering the parent as first teacher
  • Benefits that come with leveraging technology as a tool for parent and child engagement

Daniel Donahoo , Director - Project Synthesis & Founder - Deeper Richer


15:00 |  Putting Education in “Educational” Apps: Selecting effective and well-designed apps

  • Identifying apps that fulfil the four pillars for effective educational experience
  • Zoom into apps that ensure learner engagement, content focus and relevance
  • Selecting apps that encourage children to connect new information to their daily lives
  • Leveraging on apps that embed educational context through exploration, questioning, discovery and well-defined learning goals

Dr Jordy Kaufman , Director, Swinburne Babylab

15:20 | Afternoon Tea and Exhibition viewing




16:05 |  Finding Humanity and Learner Identity through Technology

  • Positioning technology as a powerful social connector in education
  • Setting the stage for success with empathy and EQ development through technology
  • Enabling design thinking that empower students to create positive impact

Melissa Bray , eLearning Integrator, St Peters Girls School


16:25 |  Engaging Children’s Minds through Technology-based Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • Tapping into children's strong disposition to explore and discover
  • Enabling development, collaboration and problem solving skills around topics of interest e.g. Pokemon, insects, etc.
  • Leveraging on digital resources e.g. Youtube, blogs, videos, etc.
Lee Hewes, Classroom Teacher, Merrylands East Public School


16:45 |  Harnessing the Potential of Robotics in Education

  • How robotics and the Digital Technologies Curriculum can support deep learning and thinking
  • Enhance and extend problem solving and developmental play in the early years
  • How both robotic devices and unplugged activities can be built into the curriculum

Lynda Cutting , Senior Advisor, School Improvement, Independent Schools Victoria


17:05 |  How Teachers can Support Young Learners with Special Needs – A Parent’s Perspective

  • What educators can do more
  • Focus on abilities, not disabilities
  • Collaboration opportunities with parents

Melissa Smith, Disability Advocate & Parent/Carer


17:25 | Closing Remarks from Chair

17:30 | End of Conference 




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