Vicky Booth | Director Disability And Inclusion Branch
Department Of Education And Training

Vicky Booth, Director Disability And Inclusion Branch, Department Of Education And Training

I am proudly the Director,  Department of Education, Disability and Inclusion Branch, Autism Hub.

My professional background includes experience in the area of education policy and legislation, regional and school resourcing and differentiated support.

In my more recent experience, I worked as Principal Advisor: Education Services in the Office of the Regional Director, South East Region. My role was to provide high level independent advice on operational policies and strategies relevant to behaviour, disability and student support.

Prior to my appointment at the Autism Hub I provided leadership and influenced the development of inclusive school culture in the role of Principal Education officer: Student Services. My portfolio included Early Childhood Development Programs, Senior Therapists, Auslan and Special Schools.

After completing my Bachelor of Education, Secondary English/History I studied a range of post-graduate studies including a Master of Education: Behaviour Management and a Master of Education: Teaching for Diversity: Disabilities and Learning Difficulties (Brisbane, QUT).


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The Department of Education and Autism Hub - Building the confidence and capability of school leaders, teachers and parents to improve the educational achievements of students with autism

  • Introduction to Queensland’s Department of Education, Disability and Inclusion Branch and Autism Hub’s services
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