Dr Vanessa Pirotta | Marine Biologist, Woman In Stem, Drone Whale Snot Collector
Macquarie University

Dr Vanessa Pirotta, Marine Biologist, Woman In Stem, Drone Whale Snot Collector, Macquarie University

Vanessa Pirotta is a conservation biologist and science communicator. Her PhD research is primarily marine conservation based. Vanessa investigated the use of emerging technologies such as drones to collect whale snot as an assessment of whale health. She spoke about this research at the prestigious science communication competition called FameLab, where she won the Australian final and came runner up in the world final in the United Kingdom. 
 Vanessa completed my Master of Research in 2014, where she investigated the effects of underwater construction and whale alarms upon migrating humpback whales off Sydney, Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University with majors in Zoology and Evolution and Ecology. Previously a zookeeper and involved in marine turtle rehabilitation, Vanessa has conducted research in a variety of remote locations around Australia, Madagascar, the South Pacific and Antarctica. She is also a qualified coxswains.


Day 2 @ 09:30

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