Suzy Urbaniak | Geoscience Educator, Geologist and Core Coordinator
Kent Street Senior High School

Suzy Urbaniak, Geoscience Educator, Geologist and Core Coordinator, Kent Street Senior High School

Suzy Urbaniak is a one-woman whirlwind wanting to ‘blow up’ the Australian education system. Fed up with a restrictive, overloaded, and often irrelevant curriculum, she’s created her own teaching program at Kent Street Senior High School focusing on real-world problem solving. For her contributions to science teaching, and inspiring our next generation of scientists, Suzy Urbaniak has been awarded the 2016 Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools.

Through the teaching program she developed known as Centre of Resources Excellence (CoRE), Suzy makes sure her students are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to take on a variety of career pathways in science and engineering. She treats the classroom as a workplace, and the students as young scientists.

Join Suzy Urbaniak at National FutureSchools 2019 to discover a CoRE learning journey #therealclassroom where you will discover the CoRE idea, the case for turning school students into real scientists, uncover the CoRE development of an award-winning STEAM program that will make you rethink STEAM programs forever, and define the CoRE deliverables and understand the roadblocks and lessons learned along the way!


Day 1 @ 09:40

A CoRE learning journey #therealclassroom

  • The case for tunring school students into real scientist.
  • Re-think how STEAM programs are formed
  • Define clear deliverables and navigate roadblocks along the way
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