Simon Maizels | Director, Integration Competency Centre
Information Technology Directorate

Simon Maizels, Director, Integration Competency Centre, Information Technology Directorate

Simon has over 20 years within IT. Currently working at NSW Department of Education, the second largest government IT department in the world as a Director in the Integration Competency Centre; he makes sure their computer systems can swap data with integrity.

Using technologies such as Tibco, JBoss, Informatica and SAP PI, a lot of his time is consumed with making it possible to exchange data between Department systems, and external systems hosted. but are thinking about shaking things up.

Simon loves learning about new technologies and meeting people who are doing fantastic thing. The data he manages can be used to great effect; working with really smart people inside and outside the Department to find ways of improving the entire learning experience, the Department is currently looking at shaking things up.

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