Rory Critchley | Digital Technologies Specialist
Joondalup Education Support Centre

Rory Critchley, Digital Technologies Specialist, Joondalup Education Support Centre

I have worked with students with physical and learning needs for over ten years. For the past two years, I have run a STEM program at Joondalup Education Support Centre, Western Australia. The success of the program has seen its planning, behavior support and assessment strategies implemented in schools throughout Perth, both mainstream and education support. I also run a STEM club on a shared mainstream/education support school site that caters to the learning needs of a diverse range of students. This presentation will give you practical ideas to take back to classrooms, with detailed chain of process explaining how modifications can support students with learning difficulties to engage fully with the Science and Technologies curriculum.


Day 2 @ 12:10

STEM learning programs for students with additional needs

  • How design process structures can allow students with learning difficulties to achieve closer to year level standard
  • How problem solving in STEM supports students with anxiety and self-regulation issues
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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