Rachel George | Head Of Campus
Geelong Grammar School

Rachel George, Head Of Campus, Geelong Grammar School

Rachel George is currently the Head of Campus at Geelong Grammar School, Toorak Campus in Melbourne, Victoria. Rachel has had over 20 years of teaching and educational leadership experience. She has previously led primary curriculum at Caulfield Grammar School, worked as an independent educational consultant and tutored at the Australian Catholic University. Rachel has participated in a number of research projects and strongly believes that educators must continually strive for improvement and ensure that we are implementing practices that support students and prepare them for their tomorrow.  At Toorak Campus we remain true to the values which have continually sustained us, and at the same time, we are courageously making transformational change in order to lead the world in contemporary, inspiring and exceptional education. Toorak Campus is an exciting place to work and learn. Our teachers model the qualities of successful learners and build in our students the belief, empowerment and confidence to grow their ‘Wings to Fly’. In 2018, we upheld our reputation for innovation and leadership in primary education by establishing a ‘Think Tank’ – a group of interested staff members who were determined to improve our Early Years and Primary Education system.
Over the past 20 years the way we teach (our pedagogical instruction and approach) has transformed to adjust to our changing world. However, the way schools are operated and organised (students grouped in classes and taught a curriculum based on their age, by one core teacher) has not changed in over 80 years! As innovative and creative Educators the ‘Think Tank’ questioned if our current educational practices are adequately preparing children for an ever-changing and evolving world.  They were guided by the provocation:
How might we re-imagine primary education to facilitate true inquiry, true innovation and true inspiration? The Toorak Campus Think Tank used a Design Thinking process to develop an ‘experimental prototype School of Tomorrow’.


Day 2 @ 09:00

Creating a think tank to reimagine primary education

  • Gather a group of interested educators to form a Think Tank
  • Apply a Design Thinking process
  • Create a solution to current educational challenges and courageously experiment with your idea for one week
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