Paulo Da Silva | Learning Specialist
Williamstown High School

Paulo Da Silva, Learning Specialist, Williamstown High School

Paulo da Silva is a passionate STEM Educator with a background in ICT, Earth Sciences research, and STEM Curriculum Design and student engagement. As an emerging leader in scientific literacy, Paulo believes in empowering students to develop 21st century skills to become active players in the technological revolution; they must be encouraged to use curiosity and creativity to investigate, prototype, design and innovate, in pursuit of the product developments and ideas of tomorrow.
Additionally, Paulo assisted Wyndham Central College to develop the first integrated STEM Education program in the western suburbs of Melbourne: ‘STEM Academy’. Recently, he assisted in the development of industry-based programs for the new Wyndham and Geelong Tech Schools in Victoria, which will benefit thousands of students and teachers in these regions.
Paulo campaigns for the improvement of STEM Education opportunities for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds.


Day 2 @ 11:50

Python to assist vulnerable students to engage and code with purpose

  • Understand that students are more likely to engage when projects/tasks have a purpose
  • Demystify the idea that coding/programming is a synonym of STEM
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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