Paul Barton | Head Of Information Technology
Toowoomba Grammar School

Paul Barton, Head Of Information Technology, Toowoomba Grammar School

Paul is the Head of Information Technology at Toowoomba Grammar School.  He has been a full-time teacher of Information Technology (IT), and a myriad of other subjects, for over 25 years.  Paul holds a Bachelor of Information Technology, a Master of Educational Leadership specialising in Information Technology.   He is also a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert and a Google Education Certified Trainer.

Paul has engaged heavily in cloud-based technology since its emergence, having quickly identified the collaborative possibilities, creative freedom and portability that it allowed both his students and colleagues to explore. Teachers and students at Toowoomba Grammar School utilise a hybrid model of both Microsoft and Google tools.

A BYOD program was rolled out in 2015, but as of 2019, Toowoomba Grammar School has chosen to return to a School supplied model commencing for students from Year 4 to Year 9.  The timeline, strategies, and justification for this change in direction will be discussed.

Paul has been working with his co-presenter Brett Sawyer (Head of e-Learning at Toowoomba Grammar School) since the beginning of 2014.  They look forward to sharing their experiences, and those of their colleagues and School, with you at the National Future Schools Expo 2019.


Day 2 @ 11:30

The pros and cons of BYOD

  • The advantage and disadvantages of BYOD
  • The story of a school who implemented BYOD... and then removed it!
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