Michelle Michael | PEO NSW DoE STEMShare Community
Information Technology Directorate

Michelle Michael, PEO NSW DoE STEMShare Community, Information Technology Directorate

Michelle Michael is currently the Principal Education Officer (PEO) for the NSW Department of Education (DoE) Information Technology Directorate. Michelle currently leads the STEMShare Community Program across NSW. In recent years, Michelle has held senior leadership roles at Taronga Zoo, Climate Change, Arts Education and NSW Department of Education. Under the STEMShare Community program, 660 kits that include robotics, 3D printing, coding, film-making and virtual reality equipment are available for schools to borrow. Michelle assists in guiding a new team of STEMShare Leaders advising schools and teachers on best ways to use the new STEMShare kits and implementing high quality STEMShare Learning Challenges effectively into classrooms. The STEMShare Community team are dynamic and innovative. Collectively, they have a passion and vision for the effective use of technology in learning and student engagement.

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