Melise Sutton | Principal
Margaret Jurd College

Melise Sutton, Principal, Margaret Jurd College

Melise has been working with disadvantaged youth both in welfare and education sectors for over 25 years. Her College prides itself on its multi-disciplinary team structure underpinned by an intensive wellbeing program that helps disadvantaged students find success for the first time in their schooling history and beyond school. An educator with vision and passion that transpires into practical systems facilitating holistic change and growth for her students,


Day 2 @ 14:40

Re-engaing the disengaged

  • How to recognise students with disabilities in your classroom
  • How to make the right adjustments to enable every student to participate in learning
  • Key trauma-informed strategies and simple tips for establishing healthy educator-student relationships
last published: 15/Mar/19 03:35 GMT

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