Matt Simmons | Senior Leader - Learning Technologies
Reynella Primary School

Matt Simmons, Senior Leader - Learning Technologies, Reynella Primary School

Following studies in film production, animation, design and multimedia, Matt made the fulfilling decision to combine his interest and experience in creative technologies with a passion for education. Now, as a Senior Leader of Learning Technologies and Mathematics, Matt cherishes the challenge of preparing young minds for an exciting unknown future. Working with teachers at Reynella Primary School in South Australia, Matt is a passionate advocate for embedded learning technologies and their capacity to promote student agency and develop critical and creative thinking.


Day 2 @ 13:00

Backflipped learning

  • Transforming learner dispositions in mathematics through student-made instructional videos
  • Promoting student dialogue through integrated learning technologies
  • Minimise ‘teacher-talk’ and maximise differentiation through a unique twist to the popular flipped learning approach
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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