Linda Graham | Research Group Leader, School Of Early Childhood And Inclusive Education
Queensland University Of Technology

Linda Graham, Research Group Leader, School Of Early Childhood And Inclusive Education, Queensland University Of Technology

She is currently leading a 6-year longitudinal study tracking the school liking, learning, language and behaviour of QLD prep children through to end grade 5, with Prof Sue Walker and Dr Sonia White (School of Early Childhood, QUT), Dr Kathy Cologon(Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University), Prof Pamela Snow (LaTrobe Rural Health School), andProf Robert Pianta (Curry School of Education, University of Virginia). The study was seed-funded by the Financial Markets Foundation for Children (2013-2015) and is now being funded by the Australian Research Council (2016-2019).

In 2016, she began leading an Education Horizon project funded by the Queensland Government, “Empowering learners: using student voice, videorecorded classroom interactions and teacher feedback to develop positive learning environments in high-need Queensland secondary schools”, with Dr Amanda Mergler and Dr Jenna Gillett-Swan.

Linda has appeared in numerous print, radio and television media and is a strong advocate that inclusive education is a foundation platform for broader social inclusion and the development of an inclusive democracy.


Day 1 @ 11:20

“Inclusion’s too hard”: Dealing with the easy stuff to make space for the hard stuff

  • An exploration of teachers’ attitudes towards implementation of inclusive education and associated practices, like differentiation.
  • The concept of inclusion and differentiation “too hard”
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