Lani Brockwell | Teacher
Wilderness School

Lani Brockwell, Teacher, Wilderness School

Lani Brockwell is a Middle and Primary teacher at Wilderness, an independent girls school in Adelaide. Teaching became her passion after starting her professional life in International Law, due to a desire to effect local and meaningful change. Lani has focused her energy on developing her school's STEM program to ensure long term success for her st


Day 2 @ 15:30

Let girls lead

  • The rate of female participation in STEM is at it's lowest, however more money than ever is being poured into engaging school-age girls
  • Research has shown that both national and privately funded engagement programs are failing to create long-term engagement for girls that results in employment for women
  • As educators this concerns us deeply, but what can we put in place to ensure success for our girls?
  • Using research from Carnegie Melon, we examine the impact of media on our own students
  • By reflecting on the research and listening to our little girls before their self-perception is shaped by the media, we can build a future that assumes equality in ability, and in the legitimacy of women in STEM
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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