Julie Lindsay | Global Educator, Innovator, Teacherpreneur, Author
Flat Connections

Julie Lindsay, Global Educator, Innovator, Teacherpreneur, Author, Flat Connections

Julie is a global collaboration consultant, innovator, teacherpreneur and author. As an online learning specialist Julie has led digital innovation in K-12 schools across six countries and recently she enjoys working in higher education in an environment that fosters innovation and creativity. As Founder and CEO of Flat Connections she designs online global collaborative projects and professional learning for educators using a collaborative ‘working with’ approach. Julie is completing a PhD at the University of Southern Queensland focusing on how online global collaboration influences educator mindset and pedagogical practice. Her most recent book, ‘The Global Educator’ (ISTE, 2016) shares practices, pedagogy and case studies on how to learn and collaborate online. Read more: http://about.me/julielindsay Follow Julie on Twitter @julielindsay.


Day 2 @ 09:10

The Global Collaborator Mindset

  • What are the dispositions, behaviours and pedagogical practices educators must develop for online global collaborative learning?
  • What does a school need to do to prepare learners for future workplace challenges of virtual communication and collaboration that require intercultural understanding, global competency and digital fluency?
  • Learn how you can adopt a global collaborator mindset to implement online global collaborative learning environments
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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