Jocelyn Brewer | Teacher & Psychologist, Creator of Digital Nutrition
Cyberpsychology Researcher

Jocelyn Brewer, Teacher & Psychologist, Creator of Digital Nutrition, Cyberpsychology Researcher

Educators are regularly woo-ed by the opportunities of new technology to enhance learning, but at the same time increasingly stretched by issues relating to digital disruptions, distractions and dependence. How can we meaningfully teach the complex skills required for academic success and wellbeing when in apparent competition with the seduction of screens?
Jocelyn Brewer has the answers. In her keynote at the Future Leaders Conference, Jocelyn will give you brief insights into innovative ways to build greater digital intelligence into school policy, processes and learning.

Who is Jocelyn Brewer?

Jocelyn is a registered psychologist who is fast becoming a leading commentator on the psychology of technology and issues relating to the way digital technology shapes aspects of society, behaviour and learning. Jocelyn has over 13 years’ experience in NSW public schools as both an accredited teacher and as a school counsellor.
In 2013, Jocelyn introduced Digital Nutrition, an award-winning framework for teaching the principles of a healthy, balanced relationship with technology. It borrows from the healthy eating pyramid and food nutrition principles to communicate key concepts around screen-time limits, digital citizenship and impulse control and evaluates the cognitive benefits of apps and games.


Day 1 @ 17:05

Stop counting digital calories: Beyond screentime and the case for virtual vitamins

  • Practical ways of thinking beyond screentime
  • Thinking about the possible virtual vitamins within digital content
  • Young people’s relationship to technology and their online worlds
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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