Jessica Lonard | Head of Library And Information Services
Saint Ignatius College

Jessica Lonard, Head of Library And Information Services, Saint Ignatius College

Jess Lonard has been an educator for the past 12 years. Starting as an ESL/Humanities teacher in Melbourne, she began her career as a Teacher Librarian upon moving to Sydney in 2008. Becoming a teacher librarian realised Jess’ love of teaching and her childhood desire to be a librarian. In a variety of positions over the past ten years, Jess has seen the evolution of the library space to incorporate greater use of technology and innovative practices. Jess has an interest in the application of technology in education - specifically helping her students to develop their information and digital literacies in an era of fake news.


Day 1 @ 13:00

The beginning of a new future for women of technology in education

  • Understand the concept behind ed/it women co. network and how we started
  • Learn whom we want to engage and support women of technology in education
  • Discover how you support the cause and join our network
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