Graeme Green | Principal
Ingleburn Public School

Graeme Green, Principal, Ingleburn Public School

Graeme Green was named as one of the Top 50 National Innovative Leaders in The Educator – Hotlist 2017.  He is an experienced educator having held numerous leadership and principal positions with the Department of Education, both mainstream and special education.  He has served on special education management committees including state and national bodies and has presented at various local, state and national conferences in both mainstream and special education settings.
He is currently working with Associate Professor Eva Kimonis clinical psychologist at UNSW, to establish a world first trial of Parent Child Interaction Therapy for young children with disruptive behaviours at Ingleburn PS. 
Graeme is a social entrepreneur driving transformation across multidimensional systems.  He is an innovator, creator and a systems leader who has transformed the education experience for students at Ingleburn PS.  


Day 1 @ 15:00

Universal design for learning for an entrepreneurship journey

  • Optimising the use of technology with UDL pedagogy to innovate, collaborate and empower students to be global citizens
  • Whole school entrepreneurship journey
  • Every student is known, valued and cared for

Day 2 @ 15:00

Building the world’s first school based clinic: Parent Child Interaction Therapy Parent Child Interaction Therapy: Empowering People in Community. PCIT = EPIC

  • PCIT is one of the most effective program for managing emotional and behavioural problems in young children
  • PCIT strengthens parent, school and teacher’s partnership to improve children’s social and academic outcomes
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