Gemma Goodyear | Principal
St John's Catholic Primary School

Gemma Goodyear, Principal, St John's Catholic Primary School

Gemma loves the idea of changing the image of ‘school’ now for now!!  This notion led to her BEd, Post Graduate studies, Masters of Education and now her PhD. Whilst leading a school community to move from ‘schoolification’ to ‘education’ she learns something new each day. As a happy and excited Primary School Principal, she has a strong belief in process not product ​for all.​ Processes to improve student outcomes, processes to improve teacher motivation​, enthusiasm and role satisfaction. Gemma strives for a culture of ‘value,’ inclusion and a workplace where conditions allow Educators to be or become designers.  Gemma describes the required changes in leadership to move from ​‘planning’ to ‘design.’​ She labels the conditions that have resulted in greater trust, value and belief amongst the Educators she works with. Ultimately Gemma shares her belief of voices, engagement and  the importance of why.


Day 1 @ 12:20

Wonderings that has driven this work: why are teachers leaving the profession?

  • A high number of disillusioned teachers
  • Why are graduate teachers finishing university, yet choosing to do casual relief teaching?
  • Why do teachers within 5 years, leave the profession?
last published: 17/Mar/19 06:15 GMT

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