Emma Fowler | Learning Coordinator
Nazareth Catholic College

Emma Fowler, Learning Coordinator, Nazareth Catholic College

Emma is a future-focused educator and leader, who believes it is important to invest time in relationships in order to bring people along the journey with you. She is committed to creating change within schools and is innovative with her approach to integrating technology within the classroom.

Emma was one of the first teachers in South Australia to receive National Certification and is recognised as a Highly Accomplished Teacher. She has been a Leader of Learning at Nazareth Catholic College for the last 6 years and has recently won two highly sought after grants, to support Nazareth’s technology journey.  Throughout 2018, Emma facilitated two sold-out Digital Technologies Conferences. These two events showcased some of the amazing work that the teachers at Nazareth are currently involved with. More of her story can be found on the Digital Technologies Hub Website.


Day 2 @ 10:30

Leading the YouTube generation

  • Identifying the varied strengths and mindsets they bring
  • Developing strategies for empowering Millenials
  • Understanding how to tap into their different skill set

Day 2 @ 14:00

A Digital Technologies scope and sequence in action

  • Unpack the strategies used to develop the confidence and capacity of teachers
  • Explore engaging units that build on the skills learnt at each year level
  • Discover innovative ways to teach the Digital Technologies curriculum
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