Doug Thomas | Principal
Claremont College

Doug Thomas, Principal, Claremont College

Doug is Principal of Claremont College, an Anglican co-educational primary school in Sydney where he has been the Principal for 12 years. Claremont College is recognised for its educational excellence and innovation. The school’s whole-school learning space transformation and refurbishment project has received a number of architectural awards. Claremont College is receiving world-wide attention for the implementation of a research based, innovative team focussed co-teaching model.
Doug has set up a charity project in India where he is involved in education projects, mentoring school leaders and training teachers in slum schools, assisting them with their teaching and developing various school programs. He is also involved in training the local police, social workers, politicians and NGO's in anti-human trafficking programs and community problem solving initiatives.  
Doug blogs regularly at and offers fresh perspective on contemporary school leadership and educational issues in an Australian setting. 


Day 2 @ 14:00

Principals Panel

  • Strategies for school leaders to realise learning improvement
  • How to scaffold change processes within your school
  • High performance culture

Day 2 @ 15:00

Planning for the future - Change, strategic planning and a leadership tool-kit for disruption and your personal well-being

  • Key characteristics of ‘future school’ leadership
  • Recognise and understand sources of stress and potential burn-out
  • Provide a personal well-being tool-kit and opportunities for self reflection and personal growth
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