Danielle Cavill | Tas Head Of Department
Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon

Danielle Cavill, Tas Head Of Department, Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon

Danielle is the Head of TAS at Ravenswood School for Girls. She is an experienced educator at both secondary and tertiary levels and has enjoyed teaching in both Australia and the UK. In order to provide Ravenswood students with the opportunity to engage with authentic experiences, Danielle devised a ten day STEM tour to the US and was the recipient of the Ravenswood Fellowship to explore STEM in Japan. During these tours Danielle has practised capturing 360 degree content to embed in Virtual educational tours.


Day 2 @ 11:50

First steps into Virtual Reality

  • Finding a suitable platform that’s accessible, affordable and enables both students and teachers to easily create curriculum-specific VR content
  • Navigating the technology choices to ensure devices and the school infrastructure can support the creation and distribution of VR content
  • Learning how to design VR content using storyboards, portal and content markers
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