Daniel Chapman | Technical Manager
Corpus Christi College

Daniel Chapman, Technical Manager, Corpus Christi College

Daniel Chapman has been combining his passion for technology and education for 12 years, to develop successful ICT environments that bring schools to the forefront and improve experiences for their communities. Daniel has led projects implementing one-to-one device programs and played a key role in the development of the Leading Lights project by Catholic Education of Western Australia, which is now being adopted by 130 schools.
Daniel currently works as the Technical Manager of Corpus Christi College and continues to strive for the advancement of Technology in Education. His vision for the future is to empower students & educators with technical environments, opportunities, and skills, which support personalised, life-long learning journeys in contemporary education. 


Day 2 @ 11:50

The successful unification of departmental systems

  • The implementation process of unifying multiple systems
  • Obstacles and roadblocks and how they were overcome
  • Case study
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