Berin Denham | Innovation Lead
Australian Government Department of Education & Training

Berin Denham, Innovation Lead, Australian Government Department of Education & Training

With an innate curiosity for discovering what has yet to be imagined, Berin brings together his passions for people, collaboration, and creativity into his self-invented role in the Department of Education as the Innovation Lead.
Berin naturally sees possibilities where others see blockers, sees networks when others identify silos and is not one for taking “this is how we’ve always done it” as an answer.  Well, not without a fight...
Berin joins us with his extensive experience in the Public Sector and as a life-long innovator to help us navigate and unpack the sometimes daunting task (or perception) of working with Government to create positive change.  He will be sharing examples of innovation that have emerged through collaborations between parents, students, educators, businesses and government agencies to improve Australia's Education System.  His not-so-secret agenda is to challenge us not to accept the status quo, or anticipate a “no”, and to instead embrace innovation challenges.
If you’ve ever: had a great idea for a new educational initiative; developed a new educational product/program and want help to expand it; or maybe just want to have a conversation with Government, but don’t know where to start, then Berin is here to help!


Day 1 @ 11:20

Government helping educators

  • Navigating government
  • Problem solving with government
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