Benjamin Eilenberg | Teacher / Stem/Robotics Coordinator
Silverton Primary School

Benjamin Eilenberg, Teacher / Stem/Robotics Coordinator, Silverton Primary School

Ben has been part of the teaching community for 16 years within Australia. He has a passion around Digital Technologies and eLearning and how it fits in to the curriculum. His main focus has been on how teachers can implement technologies such as robotics and coding across a variety of curriculum areas. Some of the roles that he has had while teaching is as; a classroom teacher, media teacher and STEM coordinator. Ben believes that it is important to make sure all teachers are implementing best practice to the advantage of their students.


Day 2 @ 14:40

Digital Literacy through Minecraft and Kodu to engage students

  • Engage students in literacy
  • Understanding how to implement digital literacy effectively
  • Cross curriculum implementation
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