Bek Duyckers | Head Of Imaginarium
Perth College

Bek Duyckers, Head Of Imaginarium, Perth College

Bek Duyckers is Head of Imaginarium at Perth College. She has two Masters degrees, specialising in Gifted Education and Learning Difficulties; her doctoral studies will be completed in 2019. Bek has the unique experience in developing and leading the Imaginarium as an initiative for gifted girls from any school in Western Australia, utilising future-focused pedagogies through a holistic lens. With experience implementing gifted programmes within a school context as well as through the Imaginarium, her case studies correlate with best practice in gifted education and provide you with examples that can be implemented in your own context. 


Day 2 @ 14:20

Engaging gifted students' cognitive, social, emotional and vocational domains through future-focused pedagogy

  • Understand the unique characteristics of gifted students
  • Understand the relationship between the four domains in positive student development
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