Alexander Goldsworthy | Learning Technologies Coach
Caulfield Grammar School

Alexander Goldsworthy, Learning Technologies Coach, Caulfield Grammar School

Alex is a passionate educator who has been working within the education sector for 8 years. He is a passionate English and Theatre Studies teacher who works to embed technologies in a meaningful and effective way within his classroom. He is currently one of the Learning Technologies Coaches at Caulfield Grammar School; working to develop staff professional learning around digital literacy and pedagogy whilst also coaching staff and faculties to achieve best practice in their classrooms. In addition to this, he has lead a school wide approach to digital wellbeing. Most recently, he has worked in establishing Firefly and Office365 at Caulfield Grammar School. Prior to working for schools, Alex commenced his career at Apple as an Education Champion and Red Zone Specialist; working with members of the community to access technology and how it can be embedded to transform lives.


Day 2 @ 14:00

Digital wellbeing - A holistic, school approach

  • A school wide approach to digital wellbeing that all schools can use to assist students with how they engage with technologies
  • Moving schools away from a reliance on tokenistic approaches to digital wellbeing
  • Learn about how you can embed approaches to digital wellbeing in the three areas – community engagement, curriculum and wellbeing programs
last published: 20/Mar/19 21:15 GMT

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