Adam Cole | Science Coordinator
Sacred Heart College

Adam Cole, Science Coordinator, Sacred Heart College

Dr Adam Cole had a successful career in medical research for 17 years before moving to education, where he uses his industry experience to develop innovative activities to engage students in science/STEM.

These include a range of classroom activities, competitions, excursions, investigative projects and professional networks.

In particular, he created The Bradbury Club, which is a unique collaborative group of students, teachers, academics and industry professionals that perform engaging, long-term and ambitious projects that benefit students and the community.

This has lead to a number of successes, including a Guinness World Record, international press coverage, conference presentations, grant funding and positive community action.  


Day 2 @ 11:00

Education for the world post school

  • How to manage diversity in the classroom
  • Reimagining possibilities for refugee students
  • Career progression, perspective & cultures
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