National FutureSchools Expo Masterclasses held on 19th March 2019 puts you in the classroom with the world’s foremost education and school management thought leaders.


Take your skills to the next level with these hands-on, deep dive workshops that explore topics and teaching techniques that are revolutionising education delivery and school administration practices.


With 7 masterclass topics to choose from, your team can master everything from STEAM activation and teaching, best leadership practice, the ins and outs of school wide transformation and how to encourage sustainable and empowering learning habits.


Numbers are strictly limited for the Masterclasses and sell-out every year, so book early to guarantee your spot!

FutureSchools 2019 Masterclasses


Masterclass A - STEAM/Maker Bootcamp

Masterclass B - Conquering the icecap: A Neuroleadership perspective

Masterclass C - Navigating School Transformation Understanding The Why, What and How of School Wide Transformation

Masterclass D - Neuro-Developmental Differentiation The science of effective differentiation

Masterclass E - Student Well-being & Video Games

Masterclass F - The Digital Technologies Curriculum: From Conception to Realisation

Masterclass G - Habits of Mind - Developing Strong and Positive Learning Habits


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