Habits of Mind - Developing Strong
and Positive Learning Habits

Michelle Falzon
Teacher and College Connections Leader,
Catholic Regional College



Participants will engage in conversation about the dynamic nature of sustainable and empowering learning habits.

Particular focus for this workshop will be based on the following two questions; ‘How do we build sustainable and empowering learning habits?’ And ‘How do we enhance our curiosity to strengthen and drive our desire to flourish?’

The world of young people continues to evolve. It’s shaped by the complexities of social, physical and economic environments that have helped enhance and hinder individual personal growth. Young people themselves are changing too. The development stages of adolescents can be challenging and confronting.

Unpacking and investigating basic elements of neuroscience will transfer in to exploring habits of mind. Interactive activities will give participants the opportunity to gain greater understanding of how to develop strong, more positive and sustainable learning habits.


Who Should Attend?

  • Teachers/ Educators
  • Principals
  • Parents
  • Students

Why Attend?

  • Gain insight and understanding on the three brains, and how they work together to help us practice different habits of mind.
  • Learn about strong and positive learning habits, and how you can implement them and make them sustainable.
  • Explore and unpack particular elements of habits of mind.


What to bring?

Please BYO laptop device, not just a tablet or iPad. Wireless internet is provided.



9:00 | Arrival

9:30 | Commencement and Group Introductions

9:45 | Session 1: The Three Brains and Learning Habits

  • Exploring basic neuroscience: Unpacking and understanding the three brains.
  • Learning Habits: Developing strong and positive learning habits that are sustainable.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will walk away from session 1 having knowledge and understanding relating to basic elements of neuroscience. With this information, they will also become familiar with concept of building learning power to expand young people’s appetite and capacity for learning.

11:00 | Morning Tea & Networking 

12:00 | Session 2: Habits of Mind – The theory behind ‘Practice makes perfect.’

Unpacking Habits of Mind – exploring patterns of intellectual behaviours that lead to productive actions.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will gain understanding related to Problem-based learning and project-based learning. They will explore how to provide a rich opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge, expand their repertoire of technical skills, and enhance their appreciation of thinking tools, processes, and strategies.


1:00 | Lunch

1:45 | Session 3: Habits of Mind – A fun and interactive approach to Practice makes perfect.

An in-depth and interactive session to allow participate to explore the following habits of minds:

  1. Persisting
  2. Listening, understanding and empathy
  3. Questioning and problem solving
  4. Gathering data through all senses
  5. Thinking about your thinking (metacognition)

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will leave this session having had the opportunity to explore and practice 5 aspects of habits of mind that are practical and fun. They will gain access to resourceful information and activities that will assist them, and their students / children at home and in the classroom.

4:00 | Conclusion

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