Masterclasses: 22 March 2017

Conferences & Expo: 23 - 24 March 2017

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre







Wednesday 22nd March 2017




Daniel Budd

Director of Learning Technologies
Apple Distinguished Educator Corpus Christi College















Daniel is the Director of Learning Technologies at Corpus Christi College, an Apple Distinguished School in Perth, Australia. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Daniel is actively involved in research projects focussed on STEM education, robotics, information systems, big data and design thinking. Daniel’s career began in Web Development and Design for leading Australian marketing and advertising firms.



Many schools are exploring cross-curricular approaches to integrate coding in order to implement the new Digital Technologies curriculum. This can be especially challenging in high schools and requires careful design to meet curriculum outcomes.

During this hands-on Masterclass you will explore new curriculum materials and hear stories from two Perth schools which have successfully integrated computational thinking to satisfy both the Mathematics and Digital Technologies curriculum areas.

Swift Playgrounds is a free iPad environment that provides an engaging, accessible environment to platform for introducing coding. Swift allows users to learn an industry standard, object-oriented programming language. Students solve puzzles and lessons are structured so that students learn more advanced concepts as they progress. In this session, you will explore Swift Playgrounds, the Swift language and educator-designed curriculum materials that support the Australian Curriculum.


Why Attend?

  • Get your students started in a powerfully coding IOS environment
  • Learn how to code with swift playgrounds for students from years 5 to 10
  • See cutting edge pedagogy that responds to the Australian Digital technologies Curriculum
  • Explore cross-curricular computational thinking skills
  • Benefit from a range of lesson plans for you to use in your own school


Who Should Attend?

  • High School Teachers
  • Mathematics Teachers
  • ICT Integrators / Facilitators
  • eLearning Coordinators
  • Upper Primary Teachers
  • Science and IT Teachers


Attendance at National FutureSchools Expo counts towards PD/professional learning activities  which you can record  with your relevant state teacher registration board.


What To Bring?

An iPad with the free apps Swift Playgrounds and iTunes U installed.



8:30 | Arrival

9:00-10:30 | Session 1: Coding & Constructivism

The Australian Curriculum implementation deadlines are quickly approaching. Some states and systems are already implementing coding through the Digital Technologies curriculum, but how can these understanding and skills be fostered and what would the course even look like?

In this session we establish a context for the day; showcasing two schools who have implemented a Computational Thinking course to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and provide cross-curricular relevance. We will explore Seymour Papert's constructivist approach to coding and introduce Swift Playgrounds as the platform for teaching students to code.

10:30-11:00 | Morning Tea 

11:00-12:45 |  Session 2: Swift Playgrounds Deep Dive

In the second half of the morning you will get hands on with the Swift Playgrounds app and discover how easy it is to get started with coding. We will discuss how to scaffold students from block level coding to the fundamentals of scripted languages, and explore how students can demonstrate understanding.

You will be introduced to iTunes U and the course material which has been created for the Future Schools conference. These materials will be available for you to take back to your schools and use in the classroom.

12:45-13:45 | Lunch 

13:45-14:55 |  Session 3: Getting Tangible ….

Now that you have the basics of the Swift language under your belt we are going to use the Logo simulation to draw some shapes and explore cross-curricular content. Once you are comfortable with the platform you will connect your Swift Playgrounds to Sphero robots and begin some tangible programming tasks.

14:55-15:00 |  Networking Break

15:00-16:00 |  Session 4: Pathway for future success

In the final hour of the day we will explore pathways beyond these resources and how you can develop a culture of innovation and technical literacy within your school. The day will conclude with time to debrief and ask questions.

16:00 |  Conclusion



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