Masterclasses: 22 March 2017

Conferences & Expo: 23 - 24 March 2017

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This masterclass will get you thinking differently about attention and why it matters.

Wednesday 22nd March 2017




Linda Ray

Neuresource Group


















We live in a world typified by a real-time battle between distraction and human attention. Constant invitations to be distracted and to split attention have led to increasing levels of cognitive load, and rising stress and fatigue in today’s work environment. This is occurring at a time where change is constant, the world of work is becoming more complex and we are being required to do more with less.

High levels of cognitive load impact on our capacity to be creative, to problem solve, make decisions and learn new things. To effectively manage hyper-stimulation, we need to learn to be the boss of our attention and use it intentionally and wisely to guard against a constant state of feeling ‘brain fried’. This session will share ways to intentionally and mindfully manage your limited attention in the increasingly complex world we operate within.  


Why Attend?

  • Discover why our attention bosses us around and is leading to high levels of frazzle, stress and digital dementia
  • Understand why developing your ‘attentional intelligence’ will help support resilience and well -being
  • Acquire practical strategies to intentionally manage your limited attention in the increasingly complex world we operate within 
  • Learn how to be ‘mindful’ rather than ‘mind full’


Who Should Attend?

Anyone wanting to explore how to improve focus, resilience and well-being and get back in charge of your attention, including:

  • School Counsellors
  • Wellbeing Officers
  • Year Coordinators
  • Teachers Heads
  • Deputies
  • Principals
  • School Executive


Attendance at National FutureSchools Expo counts towards PD/professional learning activities  which you can record  with your relevant state teacher registration board.


What To Bring?

A willingness to be scientists of your own experience!



9:00-10:30 | Session 1: An introduction to the science of attention and the seduction of novelty

Explore how the distraction epidemic is impacting on your well-being, resilience and productivity. Participants will undertake a distraction audit and develop a distraction management plan.

Desired outcome: By the end of this session participants will understand why the human brain is designed for novelty and distraction and the implications for health and productivity when we don’t intentionally manage constant invitations that vie for our attention.

10:30-11:00 | Morning Tea

11:00-12:50 |  Session 2: Understand why multi-tasking is deadly for productivity (120 mins)

Explore ways to uni-task and engage in increasingly rare ‘deep work’. Participants will also explore how to undertake a digital detox without going into a rehab center. 

Desired outcome: By the end of this session participants will understand the concept of task-switching cost. Participants will explore how to; replace multi-tasking with uni-tasking, how to quarantine time for deep work how to manage digital overwhelm.

12:50-13:50 | Lunch

13:50-16:00 |  Session 3: Getting your mind in the game - investigate and practice strategies for growing your ‘attentional intelligence’

Participants will be introduced to simple mindfulness activities that can easily be incorporated into the everyday world of work. Participants will leave with a concrete plan for becoming the CEO of your attention.

Desired outcome: By the end of this session participants will understand the science of mindfulness and how to implement 5 minutes of mindfulness in their day. Participants will have a practical plan for growing their attentional intelligence. 


16:00 |  Conclusion



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