Best Practice in EdTech for Learning



Expenditure on IT can now represent the second biggest line item in a school’s budget after staffing, so it’s important that we get the best out of what we have.

This masterclass will look at ways of maximising EdTech for greater success in learning, with rationales backed by research and based on sound Educational Philosophy.

This will be a highly interactive masterclass, and participants will have continuing access to all documents built during the day.


Who Should Attend?

Ideally, a school will gain the most from this masterclass by having several representatives attend, but individuals in leadership, curriculum, and the classroom will all benefit.

The masterclass will be based around a skeleton which can be further fleshed out with your own staff over a longer period to suit the social, economic, geographical and cultural environments of your own school.


Why Attend?

Most schools have IT deployed within their school, but worry about whether it is being used correctly, or sufficiently to justify the expense. Parents expect IT to be embedded into the curriculum, and the Australian Curriculum and its state implementations specify IT or ICT use both as general capabilities within each subject but also for the specific, digital technologies discipline.

Your school’s responsibility is to use resources as best as possible, comply with curriculum demands and deliver the richest learning experiences for your students.


What to bring?

This will be a highly interactive session, so each participant will need to bring a computer (preferably laptop) that has wireless capability and that the participant is happy to use for the majority of the day.

f you have existing EdTech documentation from your school it would be handy to have it to reference or amend during the class.

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