Teaching Kids To Code




Join this Masterclass to get a solid foundation in the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies from the curriculum authors themselves! Learn about programming and the design of digital systems, and get hands-on practical teaching and learning strategies for your classroom.
By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll understand a host of concepts fundamental to Digital Technologies, including programming, data and information. Get the skills and knowledge necessary to take your students further. You’ll also meet educators from the Australian Computing Academy (ACA), a Commonwealth funded project to develop free digiTECH curriculum resources for students and teachers, right across Australia.
Get a solid foundation, together with your colleagues, for teaching and learning with the Australian Curriculum – Digital Technololgies. You’ll access resources, activities and pedagogical approaches that will get your students succeeding not only in Digital Technologies, but through CS+X and inquiry based learning, in other disciplines as well.

Whether you’re an experienced IT educator or you’ve had little exposure to programming before, there’ll be something in this masterclass for you!

Who Should Attend?

  • Educators of all year levels seeking to improve their understanding of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies
  • Teachers and Technology Leaders seeking DigiTECH curriculum resources
  • Teachers looking for ideas to adapt existing teaching programs to better address the expectations of the new curriculum
  • ICT Integrators / Facilitators / eLearning Coordinators looking for ways to support their colleagues with adoption of the curriculum
  • Principals and Curriculum Coordinators responsible for strategic planning of Digital Technologies curriculum delivery

Why Attend?

  • Learn about the concepts of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies through engaging, classroom-ready activities with excited colleagues from inspirational leaders, and case studies showcasing existing practice
  • Work collaboratively with other educators to refine your existing activities and design new ones that will engage and empower your students
  • Get hands on experiences with free, classroom-ready resources that target the Digital Technologies curriculum
  • Discover how the breadth of the developmental curriculum provides opportunity for differentiation and personalisation at all stages of student learning
  • Plan a school-wide scope and sequence incorporating the ACA resources that is developmentally appropriate for your school context


What to bring?

Please BYO laptop device, not just a tablet or iPad. Wireless Internet is provided

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