Masterclasses: 22 March 2017

Conferences & Expo: 23 - 24 March 2017

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Expo Main Stage – Free to all visitors


Day 1 – Thursday 23 March 2017




10:00 | The Future Of Work

  • Work environments will experience dramatic change in the next 20 years. What type of work will exist for today’s children?

  • What skills will they need in the workspace of the future? Will work even exist?

  • His provocative session will offer some possible responses to these questions, with a special focus on the need for enterprise education.

Tony Ryan , Innovator Educator Futurist,  School Aid, School2School and Thinkers Keys

10:30 | Use of Drones in the Educational Environment

  • What is a drone?

  • CASA requirements and regulations; and

  • Discussion on using drones to meet the curriculum.

Bob Carpenter , Founder and Director, One Giant Leap Australia Foundation



11:00 | What can we do with an iPad, that we couldn’t do previously?

  • Observe the compelling new learning opportunities that technology is providing in primary classrooms

  • Learn how a Qld public school achieved innovation, leadership and educational excellence and was recognised as an Apple Distinguished Program School

  • Discover how schools can create the human professional learning “wetware” required to support software and hardware systems

Jason Meijboom , Deputy Principal,  Hilliard State School


11:30 | University of Adelaide CSER MOOCs

  •  Hear out about the University of Adelaide Computer Science Education Research (CSER) group, and the Massive Open Online Collaboration network around the new Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum

Celia Coffa , Victorian Representative,  University of Adelaide CSER Project




12:30 | Teachers and child safety: learning from the past to frame the future

  • Recent findings from a number of Royal Commissions and inquiries into institutional child sex abuse have put the teaching profession front and centre.

  • This presentation explores the role of teachers and teacher regulators when addressing past failures and future actions to protect children in schools and early childhood services.

Fran Cosgrove , Strategic Advisor,  Victorian Institute of Teaching  




13:00 | The Power of Engineering

  • Find out the ins and outs of real world STEM

  • Discover why Engineering Design should be front and centre for K12 Educators

  • Find out how to truly embrace diversity and effect social change

Felicity Furey , President, Power of Engineering



13:30 | Kickstarting Entrepreneurship with FYA’s $20Boss Program

  • Get engaged with FYA’s $20Boss Program

  • Find out how students can develop entrepreneurial skills at school, and really add value in the market

Annie Buckeridge , Program Manager, Foundation for Young Australians



14:00 | Why DigiTECH Matters for 21st Century Learners

  • What are the upcoming DigiTECH breakthroughs that will impact school leavers?

  • What’s around the corner in the world of work, and how are jobs changing?

  • How best can we prepare our students for their DigiTECH futures?

Leanne Cameron , Vice President, ICT Educators of NSW




14:30 | Success in tertiary education requires Maths!

  • Nearly all tertiary students require Maths in their course, but few students and teachers are aware of this when students make their subject choices in Years 10 to 12, as Maths is neither recommended or a prerequisite for most courses.

  • Did you know that up to 50% of students are failing some tertiary courses because they cannot cope with the Maths requirements!

  • In this session we will uncover the 'hidden' Maths required for many tertiary courses. Join us to find out how to help students make the right choices, and ensure success.

Peter Saffin , Chief Executive Officer,  Mathematical Association of Victoria




15:00 | Club Kidpreneur

  • Find out about the Kidpreneur Challenge, a national competition for years 4, 5 and 6 showcasing the innovation capacity of Australia’s young entrepreneurs.

  • Learn why and how to foster entrepreneurship in the next generation, from the youngest of ages.

Creel Price , Entrepreneur, Founder and Patron,  Club Kidpreneur Foundation / Co-Founder and CEO, Investible



15:30 | Simple Truth: Empowering kids, challenging teachers and making the good stuff stick

  • What does student empowerment look like and how should we measure it?

  • How can iPad be used to change teachers' perspectives on pedagogy?

  • How can teams of teachers develop a collective pedagogy infused with technology?

  • Should we evaluate our impact as educators and make it more visible? How can we do that better?

Phill Cristofaro , Digital Learning Coach | Apple Distinguished Educator | Apple Learning Specialist, eLearn


Day 2 – Friday 24 March 2017




10:00 | Taking on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sustainability incorporates environmental, social and economic systems, and the 17 UN Global Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty, protect our planet and ensure prosperity for all.

  • Learn how the Australian Curriculum and STEM can help young people take action on the SDG’s, and create the future that we want to live in.

  • Discover how to teach the Australian Curriculum through the lens of the UN goals, bringing real world meaning into classrooms across Australia.

Jason Kimberley , Founder and CEO, Cool Australia

10:30 | Reaching All Learners – iPad and Education

  • Hear from one of Australia's most innovative special educators on how educating for the future relies on understanding the science of the individual.

  • Observe case studies that demonstrate how iPad is leading in this critical space, and helping teachers reach all learners.

  • Understand how accessibility and universal design are critical for developing a successful future society; and learn practical strategies so you can make it happen now.

Craig Smith , Aspect Practice Specialist | Apple Distinguished Educator, Autism Spectrum Australia

11:30 | Hear about the National and International F1 in Schools STEM Challenge

Also find out about REA’s:

  • SUBS in Schools Technology Challenge.

  • Jaguar Primary Schools Challenge.

  • Land Rover 4x4 in Schools Technology Challenge.

Dr Michael Myers OAM , Founder & Chairman, Re-Engineering Australia Foundation Ltd



12:30 | Right information in the right place at the right time for Australian schools

  • How to link data from multiple sources to provide a consolidated view of learner needs and progress.

  • Hear how schools are connecting to online services using the national interoperability standard to improve learning and streamline administration

  • Learn how school networks are using the Learning Services Architecture to enable local choice of IT systems

Matt Farmer , Program Lead – Products and Market Engagement, National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP)



13:00 | Engineering and Diversity

  • Learn about the significance of diversity to the engineering profession

  • Explore the pros and cons of diverse work populations

  • Find out how to address inequality in opportunity and under-representation of diverse contributors to the engineering profession

Prof. Karen Hapgood , Dean of the School of Engineering,  Deakin University



13:30 | Digital Culture and Change Management

  • What effect is our digital culture having on students’ lives?

  • How does this increasingly digital culture impact the way our students learn?

  • How we do we manage the change in pedagogy to educate responsible, digitally literate global citizens?

Sean Irving , Digital Technologies coordinator, Lockington Consolidated School and Specialist Teacher Digital Coding - VCAA



14:00 | Inspiring STEM and a creative approach to Education

  • Programs that are designed to build and reinforce the employability skills through teamwork and collaboration;

  • Techniques that will improve problem solving; and

  • Latest innovations and examples that are being used internationally to build student’s confidence and adaptability.

Jackie Slaviero , Project Lead, One Giant leap Australia Foundation

15:00 | Parenting in the Digital Age: How to Use Technology in Healthy and Helpful Ways

  • Empowering parents with simple ways to use technology to teach kids

  • Developing ways to teach kids how to effectively thrive online and offline

  • Unlocking the advantages of digital to create healthy learning

Dr Kristy Goodwin , Author and Thought Leader



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