Masterclasses: 22 March 2017

Conferences & Expo: 23 - 24 March 2017

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




DAY ONE – Thursday 23 March 2017


08.30 | Registration




8:50 |  Welcome and Opening Remarks by Conference Chair

Jenny Luca,  eLearning Leader,  Wesley College (VIC)


9:00 |  Educating the Whole Child: The Role of the Arts, Nature and Place-Based Learning

  • Explore global trends and challenges in contemporary education
  • Experience the leading edge of innovation in schools
  • Effectively respond to student, community and global need
Dr. Milton Chen, Senior Fellow & Exec. Dir., Emeritus, The George Lucas Educational Foundation (USA)


9:30 |  Enterprise Skills: The New Work Order

  • Identify the entrepreneurial skills required by today’s youth and workforce
  • Immerse yourself in leading research into the changing enterprise
  • Adapt and respond in the face of rapid technological and workplace change
Jan Owen AM , CEO, Foundation for Young Australians


10:00 |  Learning Environments: Optimising Places and Spaces for Learning

  • Hear the "Language of School Design" from the world authority on learning spaces
  • Adapt your learning environments in today’s context
  • Access a greater range of learning modalities in your school
Prakash Nair , Founding President, Fielding Nair International


10:30 | Morning tea and Exhibition viewing




11.20 | Welcome and Opening Remarks by Conference Chair

Joanne Heide , Teacher and DATTA VIC Executive,  Caroline Chisholm Catholic College

11:30 |  Rise of the Robots

  • The pending hybridisation of humans and robots has significant implications for education and life
  • How can we take advantage of this astonishing new world?
  • A must-see talk to further understanding of technology across all aspects of life, and in support of systems and design thinking from the earliest of ages
Tony Ryan , Innovator Educator Futurist, School Aid, School2School and Thinkers Keys


11:50 |  The Matrix is Here! Leveraging the Digital Ecosystem

  • Find out how to move from a blended learning environment to individualisation and personalisation
  • Learn how collection and management of Big Data can support fitness, wellbeing and ultimately academic achievement
  • Leverage technology to truly lift learning in the school environment
Mary Louise O’Brien, Chief Digital Officer, Melbourne Girls’ Grammar


12:10 |  Enlivening and Enriching Learning for students through PBL and STEM

  • Challenge and engage critical thinking, and develop engineering design capabilities
  • Provide a continuum of STEM learning for each age and stage
  • Learn from a practical balance of direct instruction and constructivism
Mr Gavin Hays, Deputy Principal and STEM and PBL Educator, Parramatta Marist High School

12:30 |  Developing 21st Century Skills in a Primary Setting with ClassTECH

  • See what 21st century skills look like in a primary setting
  • Find out how students are engaging with ClassTECH at a leading QLD primary school
  • Learn from authentic integrated curriculum delivery in literacy, numeracy, DesignTECH and DigiTECH
Amanda Bowker, Deputy Head of College, Ormiston College


12:50 | Lunch and Exhibition viewing



During the breakout session delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend one of three workshops OR three Roundtable Discussions. Roundtables are small group discussions focused on a particular topic and directed by a central table host who guides the conversation and facilitates questions and answers from participants. Roundtables run in three rotations of 30 minutes each. Delegates pre-select breakout sessions ahead of the event so they cover the issues and topics that matter most to them.





16:05 | Afternoon Tea and Exhibition viewing




16:45 |  Welcome back by Conference Chair

Jenny Luca,  eLearning Leader,  Wesley College (VIC)

16:50 |  Enabling and Unveiling STEM innovation: Tech Schools Victoria

  • Learn how the Vic Government’s $128M Tech Schools initiative is lifting learning
  • Hear how Tech Schools are responding to the changing economy
  • See where early exposure to Tech and Engineering can take students
Marita Chen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, 2Mar Robotics


17:10 |  Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities: a fresh perspective on Australian school education

  • New AITSL CEO, Lisa Rodgers, shares her observations on the strengths of Australian schools, systems and sectors
  • Lisa shares her views on the challenges to be met and opportunities to be seized to improve student outcomes
Lisa Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)  


17:30 | End of Conference Day One

17:35 | Networking Drinks in Exhibition Hall


DAY TWO – Friday 24 March 2017




08.50 |  Welcome by Conference Chair – Day 2

Jill Levitt, Executive member, DATTA VIC

9:00 |  ClassTECH, Digital Dementia, and Neuroleadership

  • Is digital dementia affecting educator focus, and students’ ability to learn?
  • Neuroleadership ensures that our focus remains on the real, not virtual tasks at hand
  • Learn how to recognise, avoid and diminish cognitive overload, to enhance attention and engagement
Linda Ray, Director, Neuresource Group


9:20 |  Student Videography Teams

  • Be inspired to set up a school-based student videography production hub, and improve student learning.
  • Grow staff and student skill and confidence in using digital multimedia tools.
  • What does it look like when students connect with their extended school communities through videography, and what are the flow-on benefits?
Chris Woldhuis, Student Opportunities, Northern Beaches Christian School ICTENSW Educator of the Year 2016


9:40 |  Videographic Feedback

  • Discover how personalised videographic feedback from teaching staff to students can impact curriculum outcomes
  • Realise how planning and creation of instructional videos can increase students' understanding of key concepts, such as in mathematics learning
  • Learn where, how and why to use videography in K-12 schooling
Joel Speranza, Mathematics, ICT and Accounting teacher, St Joseph’s Nudgee College


10:00 |  Leveraging Technology in Mathematics

  • What makes teachers proficient, not necessarily prolific, in their use of digital technologies in mathematics classrooms?
  • Examining the necessary conditions for deep learning of mathematics, and opportunities to facilitate a positive difference
Peter Tompkins, Deputy Leader of Learning, St. Andrew’s Cathedral School


10:25 |  Team teaching to enhance ICT and DigiTECH learning

  • What are the benefits of team teaching in both student and professional learning when it comes to technology learning?
  • Uncover potential opportunities and pitfalls of team teaching, and examine how learners respond
  • See how Google Classroom and Free Google Apps can support digital learning in a primary context
Sally Wood, Year 5/6 Teacher; Simone Segat , Year 5/6 Teacher and Wellbeing Coordinator; Parkside Primary School (SA)


10:45 | Morning tea and Exhibition viewing




11:25 | Welcome back by Conference Chair


11:30 |  Harnessing the Maker Movement

  • Connect with Lee Watanabe-Crockett’s 6Ds process to foster critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship
  • Engage a range of students from K-12 in making and STEM
  • Inspire the whole learner through hands-on constructivist learning, and a wholistic understanding of how subjects integrate
Amber Chase , Acting Director of ICT, Calrossy Anglican School (Tamworth, NSW)
Lisa O’Callaghan , ICT Integrator, Calrossy Anglican School (Tamworth, NSW)


11:50 | Kidpreneurs - Fostering Entrepreneurship

  • Kidpreneur Challenge is a national competition for years 4, 5 and 6 showcasing the innovation capacity of Australia’s young entrepreneurs
  • Kidpreneurs build a business, sell products at market, donate profits to charity, and pitch their ideas to real entrepreneurs
  • Find out why and how to foster entrepreneurship in the next generation, from the youngest of ages
Creel Price, Entrepreneur and Founder, Club Kidpreneur


12:10 |  Museum EduTECH, and the Future of ClassTECH

  • Observe ClassTECH in a leading International Education facility
  • Discover how to lead innovative technological change in education, and the role of museums in digiTECH culture
  • Find out how to successfully implement a Makerspace for the K-12 audience

Matthew Richards,  Senior Advisor Learning Innovation,  Te Papa National Museum of New Zealand

12:30 | Sensing and Robotics with Arduinos

  • Investigate how to go beyond science facts to truly engage students with creative problem solving
  • Discover how to stretch the boundaries of students’ thinking with design, prototyping, failure, rebound and by building the unimaginable, including the products of tomorrow
  • Learn how to develop STEM makers in your classroom using inexpensive and powerful Arduino based circuits
Paulo Silva, STEM Education Coordinator, Wyndham Central College


12:50 | Lunch and Exhibition viewing




14:15 | Welcome back by Conference Chair

14:20 |  Managing the Network, and pioneering with 2000 Chromebooks

  • Learn about McKinnon Secondary College's three year journey with Chromebooks
  • Hear how to provide world class reliability, and build up staff confidence, with a one to one Chromebook case study
  • Boost your processes with examples of parent letters, policy documents, checklists and more
Blake Seufert, Systems Manager, McKinnon Secondary College


14:40 |  Enhancing teacher PLNs through Twitter, Blogs and Facebook

  • See how to build and enhance teacher Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) using social media channels
  • Explore how these technologies can best be used to build teacher capacity, engage students and enhance student learning outcomes.

Helena Tully, Teacher and Queensland Tech Brekkie Crew, Mundingburra State School


15:00 |  Panel Discussion - How ICT Directors and Network Managers can best support teachers and principals, and visa versa?

  • What is it that ICT Directors and Network Managers need from educators generally, and from STEM educators?
  • What is it that school leaders and educators need from ICT Directors and Network Managers?
  • How are emergent digital technologies and STEM changing these needs and roles in schools?

Cameron Nicholls, Assistant Principal, Warragul Regional College (VIC)

Mary Louise O’Brien, Chief Digital Officer, Melbourne Girls' Grammar
Matthew Robinson,
ICT Manager, Lowanna College (VIC)
Chris Woldhuis,
Student Opportunities, Northern Beaches Christian School
Mark Morgan,  Managing Director,  Spectrotech
Helena Tully, Teacher and Queensland Tech Brekkie Crew, Mundingburra State School  

15:20 | Afternoon Tea and Exhibition viewing




16:05 | Welcome back by Conference Chair


16:05 |  ClassTECH Leadership - Be the Change and Be Curious

  • Beyond devices and curriculum, what are the essential ingredients for leading a classTECH cultural change in your school?
  • How can school leaders inspire hesitant teachers to take on the ClassTECH, STEM and DigiTECH challenge?
  • Explore important points of focus for a ClassTECH agenda and PL rollout
Narissa Leung, Principal, Guildford and Campbells Creek Primary Schools, Castlemaine


16:25 |  Project, Inquiry and Design Thinking - Benefitting from the T and E in STEM

  • There has been a strong focus in Victoria and nationally on lifting academic performance in Science and Mathematics
  • How does Mathematics and Science teaching relate to the Technology classroom?
  • Explore the role of technology teaching and engineering education for STEM nationally
Mr Peter Murphy, Design and Technology Teacher, Northcote High School | President, DATTA Victoria


16:45 | End of Conference




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