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3000+ attendees
80 exhibitors
5 parallel conferences
Recognised teacher PD

Organised by EduTECH



Introducing Our Speakers


Jenny Luca chairperson at FutureSchools 2017
Milton Chen speaking at FutureSchools 2017
Anne Knock speaking at FutureSchools 2017
Anne Knock speaking at FutureSchools 2017


FutureLeaders conference

A strategic look at the future of education

Who Should Attend?


Deputy / Assistant Principals


Executive Teams

Heads of Years

Heads of Library


ClassTECH Conference

Using emerging tech / Teaching with emerging tech / Teaching about emerging tech

Who Should Attend?

Teachers with an interest in STE(A)M, emerging technologies & ICT education

Computer Science Teachers

eLearning Coordinators

ICT Coordinators and Integrators

Curriculum Leaders

IT and Network Managers


SETN conference

Designed for classroom teachers, special needs teachers and coordinators, and Principals from mainstreams schools

Who Should Attend?

Teachers and Principals from mainstream schools who search for ideas to assist struggling students

SEN Coordinators (SENCOs)/ Coordinators

Learning Support Officers/ Teachers

Integrated Studies Officers

Special Needs Teachers

Heads of Special Education

School Counsellors / Psychologists / Therapists


Young Learners conference

Laying the foundations of technology learning

Who Should Attend?

Primary School Principals

Primary School Teachers (Foundation years, kindergarten and years 1 & 2)

Head of Years (kindergarten and years 1 & 2)



Teaching Kids to Code conference

Preparing teachers for the digital technologies curriculum, CODING AND ROBOTICS

Who Should Attend?

K-12 Teachers with an interest in coding and robotics

ICT Integrators/Facilitators/Coordinators

Computing Teachers

STEM Teachers


Brilliant Social Media with Year-Round Conversations and Multiple Touchpoints



Although the National FutureSchools Expo happens once a year, the ideas and conversations continue all year round at other related events , and on social media . With more than 25,000 people active on our social media channels, we take it very seriously and have a full team dedicated purely to growing our social media communities.


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320 videos posted on YouTube

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